Getting Myself Organised With Evernote


One of the problems of trying to kickstart your business is trying to stay organised.

You know the sort of problems:

  • Ideas keep popping in your head and you forget them before you write them down
  • There is so many tasks you need to complete to get your business ready for launch.
  • The daily routine of life can sometimes interfere with moving your business forward
  • Moving your business forward can sometimes interfere with your daily routine
  • It’s hard to prioritise when you have so many irons in the fire.

Well that was me up until I discovered Evernote.

What is Evernote?


 evernote web


Now this is not a sales pitch for Evernote, but this free app is helping me more and more each day to stay organised.

Evernote integrates with my main computer, laptop, iPad or iPhone.

It also is a data bank of everything I want to keep, or need reminded of.

It is free, but I have opted for the paid upgrade as it is inexpensive and allows the app to integrate better in my life.

I particularly like the ability to clip web pages from your browser.

This allows for offline reading and/or storage.

There are other apps that it integrates with also, but I want to keep this simple, so go explore these yourself.

My New Daily Routine

Yesterday I devised a daily routine with tick boxes.

It covers all the key areas of my day as follows:

  • Morning Tasks – a list of tasks I do as part of my morning routine
  • Daily Tasks – a list of tasks I need to do that are on my radar. Not particularly for that day, but I need to be aware of them when setting priorities
  • Evening Tasks – a list of tasks I do as my night time routine
  • Up-Coming Tasks – things happening soon, such as appointments and tasks I want to complete
  • Current Projects – the larger projects I am working on. Each one broken down into a tick list of subtasks
  • Current Trainings – a list of the training packages I am working through at present.

Part of my morning and evening routine is to review this list and keep it up to date.

Every morning I copy the previous days.

I file the old one in an Evernote for storing old daily routines.

I then update the current one with today’s date and remove the completed tasks.

I then untick all the boxes of the remaining tasks, such as the daily ones.

Finally I review my list and prioritise my work for the day.


 evernote app


As I mentioned previously, Evernote integrates with my main computer, laptop, iPad or iPhone.

As new things come up during the day, I can add to the list on any device.

I can also review my plan at any time on those same devices.

Other Evernote Benefits

Wherever possible I try to move my current training materials I am working on into Evernote.

PDFs, videos, mp3s, etc all fall into this category.

Then I can train whenever I have free time if I wish, such as taking a bath or doing the dishes.

I find that each day I use Evernote, I get more and more use from it.

I have also started moving all my historic emails to it.

This is great for keeping track of the following:

  • projects
  • business receipts
  • login details (especially to trainings)

So if you want to organise your life, then take a leaf out of my book and give Evernote a little investigation.

Hope you see the benefits I am reaping 🙂

Terry Jenkins
Infinite Opportunities




  • Davina

    Reply Reply September 2, 2015

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for this rundown on Evernote. I’ve heard a lot about it, but so far I’ve stuck to my handy pen and paper. Will definitely consider Evernote after this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Terry Jenkins

      Terry Jenkins

      Reply Reply September 3, 2015

      Thank you.

      The advantage of Evernote is the ability to use it anywhere and the ability to store all notes in one place. I am slowly replacing my trusty Journal with Evernote.

      I hope you get chance to use it and see for yourself,


  • Dee

    Reply Reply September 2, 2015

    Sounds both interesting and helpful. I’ve heard evernote being recommended by a few online marketers. My only concern at the moment is it’s something else for me to learn and I dont have the capacity this minute.

    I like to investigate then master things properly.

    That said I have a autumn break coming up so that might be a good time to give it a go.

    Great post with plenty of detail

    Thanks Terry

    • Terry Jenkins

      Terry Jenkins

      Reply Reply September 3, 2015

      Hi Dee,

      I found I just installed it, then started using it for web-clippings and odd notes. Then I found the more I used it, the more I found reason to use it.

      Finally I took the plunge and grabbed a couple of free Kindle books and learnt how to use it closer to it’s capabilities – a decision I won’t regret.

      Hope you get chance to dabble soon!

      – Terry

  • Evernote is a great tool Terry, having looked at your list i shuddered when i saw the first task in the morning was check emails, i always tell my clients that is the recipe for disaster, as you hget busier it is a habit that may destroy your daily productivity

    • Terry Jenkins

      Terry Jenkins

      Reply Reply September 6, 2015

      Thanks for the advice Mike. I am ruthless with my emails and it only takes about 15 minutes in the morning and about 10 minutes at night to deal with them.

      I delete the majority, resolve the ones I can do quickly and move the others to they relevant folder in Evernote to be dealt with as part of my plan.

      That is the main reason I do them before scheduling my day.

      It works for me at present, but I will take your experienced advice on board as things grow for me.

      – Terry

  • Roy Miller

    Reply Reply September 7, 2015

    Great post Terry. For me, I have to agree with Mike about emails, however; for you, it seems that you do not waste time reading everyone of them. I believe that email and Facebook can really kill a lot of time, if you are not careful.I am more like Davina, I still use pen and paper. It works best for me. Old habits. I do, however; use the notes on my Iphone for a lot of things. It is small, compact, and I always have it with me.

    • Terry Jenkins

      Terry Jenkins

      Reply Reply September 7, 2015

      Thanks for the comment Roy.

      As I mentioned I love the flexibilty of being able to read my notes, PDfs, or watch videos on any device. I didn’t use it muc for the first year, but I am now finding Evernote invaluable and it keeps me organised and efficient and for me that is some mean feat!!


  • Yvonne A Jones

    Reply Reply September 12, 2015

    Terry, I started to read your post last week and something distracted me. Just getting back to it and really appreciate the detailed review of
    Evernote. I’ve downloaded the app on my phone and it’s also on my
    computer, but frankly, I’ve not taken the time to understand the benefits.

    I recently read where someone said it scared him how much he depended on
    Evernote. I can see it’s an integral part of your life too. This has been
    helpful in understanding the value. Thank you.

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