100 Day Challenge – Day 007


Results Are Everything

Results are the focus of todays challenge, a challenge that brings the first week to a close.

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Results are what count and what drive you forward to continuing to succeed. People also judge and follow you based on your results.

So after one week in to the challenge, it seems a good point to review my results.



First Week Goals Results

Obviously none of my goals are due to have been completed yet, the first one is set to be completed by day 10.

So how are my goals looking? Am I am on target?


Here is a quick run-down:


1) Sales Funnel

This is due to be complete by Sunday and will prove to be quite a challenge as my lead magnet (the thing you give free to entice people to sign-up) has changed with the acquisition of some new training courses.

I have decided to give away a free 20 video course called ‘Extreme Cash Profits’ instead of an introductory PDF to Internet Marketing.

This should have  massive pulling power for new clients.

I have also decided to change the courses I offer for purchase as part of the sales funnel, as again the new courses I have acquired probably fit better with my lead magnet.

The only downside to this is I now have a about 50 videos to edit to put my branding on and upload to Youtube.

I then have 3 courses to design on my training website and the sales funnel needs changing, so Sunday will be a very demanding target now, especially as we are doing an all day promotion in Carlisle tomorrow for our nutrition product.


2) Drink 2 Litres of Water Per Day

This I am achieving, though I am investigating a better way of measuring the fact.


What I really need is a re-usable 500ml bottle that I can fill up at least 4 times a day.

Problem is I am so busy I haven’t left the house in the last 5 days at a time when I can purchase one.


3) 100 Day Challenge

Two words needed to describe this:

Smashing it!!

This daily blog is happening and I am incorporating the 100 Day Challenge into my daily routine and it is having positive results.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve more from their life.


4) Partnership To Success

This is my mentoring program for Internet Marketing and you may recall I was seriously behind where I should be on the course.

My aim was to do two course weeks for every actual week in time.

7 days in and I haven’t touched this, although this has been a conscious decision as I need to concentrate on my sales funnel.

I have every confidence I will catch up on this over the coming weeks. Only time will tell.


5) Lose 20lbs in 100 days

I have been watching what I eat and have tried to consume ‘clean’ food and drink wherever I can.


I am not one of those people who fixate on my weight, so I will weigh myself every 20 days, so we will know in a couple of weeks whether my first interim target has been met.



Well it looks like my goals are pretty well on target, which is pleasing and a testimony to the 100 Day Challenge as I have had a particularly challenging week with a lot of side issues disrupting my working days.

My main aim, which is to keep this daily blog of my results, has been met and that is very pleasing, which ties in nice with todays 100 Day Challenge topic ‘Results Are Everything’.

The bottom line is that the challenge has kept me focussed and is starting to develop good habits in my daily routine and that has resulted in my achieving more than I would have done otherwise.

Terry Jenkins


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