100 Day Challenge – Day 008

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Become Self-Reliant

Todays topic is all about becoming self-reliant. We all see people in soup kitchen queues or on benefits, but is there any need for most people?

It is so easy to become reliant on other people for our needs, but for most of us, that is like never leaving our mother’s breast.

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The reliance may not be quite as obvious in your own life.

– Perhaps you are relying on a change in economics or a change in government to turn around your business fortunes?

– Perhaps you are relying on a reduction in interest rates to get control over your debt repayments?

We probably all have some reliance somewhere, so we need to identify them and eradicate them.

To do so makes us stronger and less likely to be at risk from the whims of others.


You Never Know Where Life Will Take You

Ever leave the house for 30 minutes and get back 8 hours later. Yeah, that happened to me today.

I even left the office light on and my mobile phone behind.

Sometimes life takes you on strange journeys you couldn’t possibly envisage.

So what nice things did life give me today that I couldn’t have foresaw when I stepped out the door this morning?

Here is a list:

1) I got treated to a delicious lunch in a really nice cafe I had never been before.

2) I bumped into my daughter and caught up on a few things.

3) I met up with a friend and helped them come up with some business ideas they hadn’t considered before.

4) Did some impromptu business planning with my gorgeous business partner (my wife).

5) Got chatting with a few people and gained some fairly solid business leads.


6) Had a coffee with several old friends I hadn’t seen in some time (really nice).

7) Had an impromptu picnic style tea in the car with my aforementioned business partner.

You never know what life throws at you, but when you go with the flow I always find something positive always seem to happen.



Tomorrow throws up challenges of it’s own.

We have an all day event we are attending about 70 miles from our home. So an early start is required.

We also have an engagement party to attend in the evening, so it will be a challenge to just find the time to do tomorrow’s blog, so I am hoping it is a challenge that will be possible to do under these restricting circumstances.

On a plus note, we will be travelling for around 4 hours in total tomorrow, so we have agreed it is a sufficient time to listen to the audio book version of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.


If you haven’t listened to it, then I suggest you do, or read the book or you could watch the film.

It may just be the start of your journey to becoming self-reliant.

Terry Jenkins




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