100 Day Challenge – Day 010


Dear John,

Today’s challenge is called ‘Shock Therapy’ and it is based around a ‘Dear John,’ letter to ourselves written by our dreams and aspirations.

This is the first day I personally found the challenge of little value. In fact it is the first time I had forgotten the challenge title by the time I came to write this blog.


The challenge in itself is not worthless. It is aimed at getting yourself to assess your journey over the past 10 days and reminding yourself why you are doing the challenge followed by a pep talk on why you should dive deeper into the challenge and work harder at it.

This is why I found little value, as I am committed to the challenge and are working almost flat out on the challenge and in setting up my new business for launch in 2 weeks time.

I can easily see how someone less focussed could see a benefit in the ‘Dear John’ letter, but for me it came over as a little patronising.

For those of you who want to know a little bit more about the 100 Day Challenge, please read my introduction in my first post on the challenge: 100 Day Challenge – Day 001.


Mentorship Group

I have joined a mentorship group with 2 other people active in Internet Marketing, but like myself are in the early stages of their journey.

The idea of the group is that we can bounce around ideas, support each other and hold each other accountable for the tasks we set out to do.

I think this is a brilliant idea and I feel I can trust the others involved, which allows me to bounce my ideas off them to see how they react, without feeling my ideas will be stolen.

The focus for us all is on list building and how we can achieve that. The idea being we can report back how our own efforts are performing and provide suggestions as to each of us could improve our list building skills.

The other 2 members of the group are a lady called Miranda from the UK and a teenage lad called David from the USA who has 3 or 4 years experience of selling on the internet, but wants to move into Internet Marketing.


In the first day or two there has been plenty of banter on the Facebook group we have set up, mainly so we can introduce ourselves, give a bit of background and what we hope to achieve from the group.

There is also the obvious ground rules to put in place.

The conversation has now moved on to what we are currently working on and what we want to achieve that the other members can help with.

I have high hopes for this group and are more than pleased with the interaction that has passed so far. If it continues in this vein, it will be an big asset to all 3 of us.

I will keep you informed.


Terry Jenkins

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