100 Day Challenge – Day 017



Today’s challenge is called ‘Do The Right Thing’ and is all about integrity.

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Take the following quote from the challenge:

‘From the moment you open your eyes each morning until they close again for sleep each night, everything in between complements or compromises your character.’

The point it is trying to make today is that it isn’t what people see you do, it is what you actually do that matters.

Personally I believe if your public face is a sham, then people see through that.

We all know the people who go about bragging about what they have and what they are getting. Some I never believe, but either way, this materialistic approach to life damages their integrity.

So today I will concentrate on my own personal integrity and I will concentrate on being totally honest and trustworthy.

I wonder if I can catch myself about to do or say something that would let me down?

The analysis will be interesting.

Terry Jenkins


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