100 Day Challenge – Day 018



If you have read ‘The Secret’ by Rhondda Byrne, one of the fundamentals about using the Law Of Attraction to your own benefit is to ask for what you want. It is the first stage of the Ask, Believe, Receive formula to benefiting from the Law Of Attraction.



Todays challenge in the 100 Day Challenge is called ‘Ask Your Way To Success’ and follows a similar approach of asking to receive.

It explains how in order to receive new things in your life you need to ask for them from the people around you in your home and work environment.

Todays video runs through the benefits of asking and comes up with a 2 stage strategy for enhancing your productivity based around asking, which is simple, but will be so effective.

When was the last time you asked for something from someone close to you, perhaps something they could do easily, but would enhance your life or productivity.

When was the last time you asked of something challenging from yourself or received something you wanted without asking for it? The people around you are not mind readers!


Driving Forward

There is a definite feel of driving yourself forward setting in with this challenge. Each new challenge seems to drive you towards achieving more, setting achievable goals and then aiming to reach them.

I have done a few of these types of courses in the past, in my corporate life and since, and this does seem to be cohesive and taking you forward day after day.

Only 2 days now until my first interim goals need to be met. I will be reviewing them today to see what I need to focus on during days 19 and 20, something I wouldn’t have even considered doing before I started the ‘100 Day Challenge’.

Day 21’s post will be reporting the results. It will be interesting to see how far I have come.

Terry Jenkins

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