100 Day Challenge – Day 019


Success Requires Inconvenience

I have learnt something with today’s challenge and I mean really learnt something and it wasn’t very comfortable.

The heading above explains it all.

How many times do you take the easy course to a compromise instead of hitting things head on and doing them the right way because it meant leaving your comfort zone?

I have, I do and I know this challenge is correct in what it says above.



It is so much easier to tackle a lesser task because it is easier and more comfortable to do, than to do the task which will give you the greater success, but you avoid it because:

– it is something new to you

– requires a new skill to be learnt

– involves you doing something that feels uncomfortable to do

– requires dealing with someone you would rather not deal with

– it involves the possibility of confrontation

– it requires doing something you hate doing

– it will impact on your leisure time

– it requires letting go and giving authority to someone else

and there are so many more.


Task List

Why not look at your current task list and identify the things you should be doing or should have completed and examine why you haven’t done them?

Once you have done this, then hit at least one of them head on today and plough through until completion.

It may be uncomfortable, but how do you feel when you get to the other side?


Carrying the baggage of unfinished tasks becomes a heavy burden and the more tasks you have in your in-tray, the less you can focus on what takes you forward.

If tasks need to be completed, then you need to prioritise and tackle them in the correct order based upon deadlines and importance.

This way you will achieve more each day, miss less deadlines and your confidence and self-esteem will soar.

Terry Jenkins


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  • Joy Healey

    Reply Reply November 29, 2014

    LOL, I know what you mean about carrying unfinished tasks. I move mine forward on Google calendar, and WOW is it getting crowded.

    The challenge I face is that often they’re unfinished because I have to wait for someone else!


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