100 Day Challenge – Day 022

Extend Your Reach

What does it mean to be rich?

How do you live a richer life?



But what does it mean to live a richer life?

Well certainly not just having more money. How many people who are financially sound end up unhappy or committing suicide? Think of the number of celebrities who suffer depression.

Today’s challenge expands on the areas of your life you can reach out to and improve.

It suggests 9 areas of your life for you to reach out to and concentrate on:

  1. Personal Development – self improvement activities
  2. Physical – fitness activities
  3. Recreation – relaxation activities
  4. Family – spending time to bond together
  5. Friendship – making time for the people in life you care for
  6. Community – getting involved and giving back
  7. Career – striving for more
  8. Financial – achieving financial freedom
  9. Spiritual – finding an inner peace through a spiritual source



I have read many books  by top self-development authors that suggest this balance of all areas of you life is what makes you rich and if you neglect one or more, it will be to the detriment of the others.

I must admit that my life is not at all balanced at the moment and I am concentrating too much in certain areas (career and personal development especially) and neglecting others (physical, community, spiritual) so this is quite a challenge to undertake.

Life is all about balance and without the knowledge of how to do it, it is hard to find true richness in life.

So I will take up this challenge over the remainder of the 100 Day Challenge and see if I can achieve a better balance by the end of it. We shall see!!

Terry Jenkins


  • Joy Healey

    Reply Reply November 29, 2014

    Oh dear…. I don’t think I’m doing very well on the balance stakes!

    However, I HAVE joined a business networking group, started going to yoga classes and am heading north to spend some time with my parents – so I’m working on it! AND I’ve got friends coming for a meal tomorrow.

    If you can arrange for another 12 hours in every day, please, I’ll work on the rest LOL!

    Well done with your challenge progress.


    • Terry Jenkins

      Terry Jenkins

      Reply Reply November 29, 2014

      Joy, if I could arrange another 12 hours in the day I would grab them for myself. Today I have achieved some brilliant things that really needed doing. Problem is none of them were from my bulging to-do-list. Oh well,there is always tonight and tomorrow 🙂

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