100 Day Challenge – Day 023


Some of the challenges that I get in the 100 Day Challenge are new to me, or put a different slant on a known topic. Some of the challenges are ones I’ve seen already in other workshops or books. Some are blindingly obvious.

You may think the latter types are not of much worth, but what the challenge manages to achieve is that it questions whether you are putting these into practice and using them to their maximum effectiveness in your life.

Today’s challenge is one of the ‘that’s obvious’ types, but it does make you think about how much you authority you put behind your best intentions through your actions and through your deeds.



Behaviour Never Lies

Day 23 of the 100 Day Challenge asked me to check if my actions matched my verbal declarations. They say action speaks louder than words and this was an extension to that motto.

So it was challenging me to ‘lead by example’, to do things the way I say I will and not to lie or lose integrity over any areas of my life.

I suppose a good example is when a child says they lost their homework or make up some other excuse because, in truth, they hadn’t completed it.

The same principle applies to us all. We can probably all think of people who talk a better game than they play. The know-it-alls and done-it-before people who profess to know everything.

So focus on how you feel about them when they come out with all this garbage.

Do you believe them?

What does that do to your view of their integrity?

So would you ever want to do this yourself, to damage your integrity?

I thought not, so you need to check yourself if you ever feel compelled to brag or exaggerate, because your behaviour never lies.

Terry Jenkins


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