100 Day Challenge – Day 025


25 and Counting

Can you believe I am already 25% through the 100 Day Challenge.



Well the time seems to have flown, but then doesn’t it always these days.

It has been quite a journey so far, but it is a road I am very happy to have travelled.

In that time I have changed the focus of my business slightly, launched the business and started to get my first commissions in.

It is interesting how each topic brings something new to concentrate on and there have been several ‘light bulb’ moments.

Makes you wonder where I might have been without the ‘100 Day Challenge’.


Focus On The Fundamentals

Isn’t it strange how coincidences seem to happen?

Last night I was working my way through the training on Omar Martin’s ‘My Unfair Advantage’ membership site.

You may recall this is the site had been waiting 6 months for it to reappear with the reduced membership deal.

Well he was stressing that to be successful in Internet Marketing, you needed to learn the fundamentals and that success came from sticking to and re-applying those fundamentals over and over.

And then came today’s challenge: ‘Focus On The Fundamentals’, as if to drive home the point.

Today’s challenge ran through the 8 principles you needed to follow regarding the fundamentals and as each one was revealed, I just listened and nodded my head.



There were more of those lightbulb moments, and it was like some of the mist had been cleared and the sun was has started to break though and I have Omar and the 100 Day Challenge to thank for it.

You see everything you do in life is achievable if you follow the fundamentals, practice them, stick with them and eventually master them.

In my Internet Marketing, it is skills such as website design, driving traffic and writing email campaigns.

A bit like learning to drive a car, there are new skills required. They are not difficult once mastered, but you need to learn them to become proficient and you need to stick to them to become an expert driver.

So it is with my new career. Omar has pointed out the fundamentals I need to grasp and the 100 Day Challenge has cemented my reasons for applying them rigidly.

Sometimes life is pretty neat and comes and nudges you in the right direction.

I think I have just experienced one of those moments.

Terry Jenkins







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