100 Day Challenge – Day 027


It’s All About Consistency

It’s true isn’t it? Think of the people you rely upon, are they not the most consistent people in your life?

Are the successful people you know in your life the ones who consistently deliver good quality work, on time and on a regular basis?



Imagine trying to build a wall when you expect all the bricks to be the same size but there is a large degree of inconsistency with the ones you get delivered.

How much more difficult is it going to be to work with those bricks? How much longer will the finished product take?

Can you see the benefit of consistency?

It is much wider ranging thank you think.

How often have you made a journey to collect something and it is not there at the scheduled time?

If this was your newspaper and it regularly arrived late at your newsagent, would you change papers?

If this was your mobile hairdresser and they regularly turned up late or cancelled, would you stick with them?

If this was your supplier and their work quality was unreliable and occasionally late, would you stay loyal to them?

All inconsistencies have an impact.

Do your inconsistencies affect important people around you? If so, isn’t it time you identified them and started to make corrections?

Terry Jenkins
terry@terry- jenkins.com


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