100 Day Challenge – Day 028


Excuses – Pah!

‘Excuses are personality defects’ – a very powerful statement from today’s challenge.

We all know people who make excuses for everything:

– Why they failed in a task.

– Why they were not up to a challenge.

– Why they had to change plans they had made.

– Why their life is terrible.

But we all see through excuses. In our minds we here what they say and translate it into our view of the truth.



So why do people do it? Why make excuses?

To get on in this world you need to be a doer, not an excuse maker.

Excuses get you nowhere. They definitely do not get the task in hand done.

So if you find the need to use an excuse, then you are just patching over one of your character defects and the person you are bleating to can see straight through you.

So if you do ever make excuses, make today the last day you need to ever use them and start facing up to your own responsibilities.


100 Day Challenge – Become an Affiliate

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Here are the cliff notes…

The importance of how you execute the first 100 days of the New Year is often the difference between success and failure.

If anyone is SERIOUS about accomplishing great things this year, they’d be wise to come out of the starting gate fast, focused and fired up.

They must use the first 100 days to make major strides toward achieving their goals, because if they don’t, they’re going to be playing catch up the remainder of the year and regret getting off to a slow start.

Gary has created the most intense goal setting program on the planet and it’s called…


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100 day challenge

Like I said, I’m so impressed with Gary and his 100 Day Challenge that I’ll be participating in both the program and in the campaign.

I suggest you sign up to become an affiliate right now so you can make huge commissions while helping your clients to start the New Year fast.

All the best,

Terry Jenkins




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