100 Day Challenge – Day 031


Honour Your Commitments

Do you ever make commitments you know you can’t keep?

Do you ever make commitments you know will be difficult to honour?

If so, you are just damaging your own reputation!

There is no point setting goals or making commitments that you can not keep. You need to to be able to say yes and mean yes.



You make commitments to everyone around you:

  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your kids
  • Your parents and other family members
  • Your boss
  • Your staff
  • Your friends
  • Your clients
  • Yourself

Each time you do this and you fail, you lessen your reputation and damage your integrity.

It doesn’t matter the size of the commitment, from saying you will spend some time with the kids to missing that big deadline at work, each failure lessens you in the eyes of those around you and these are the important people in your life.

So make sure the next time you make a commitment or set a goal, that you will do everything in your power follow through with it.

Most important lesson is – If you set a goal, achieve it!

Terry Jenkins


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