100 Day Challenge – Day 033



‘Adaptability is the willingness and ability to change and improve’.

It is a fact that you will never be equipped for every event that life throws at you.

Every new thing you encounter is a chance to improve and an opportunity to learn skills. Your ability to adapt to these new situations determines your chances of success.



To improve in this life you need to meet new challenges and you have to learn the skill set to overcome them.

You may want to stay static, but the world around you moves forward, effectively leaving you behind.

The 100 Day Challenge is posing all manner of new challenges my way, so I am being forced to adapt on an almost daily basis and to regularly step out of my comfort zone.

If you have an area of your life you are not happy with, then the answer probably lies outside your comfort zone.

Are you willing to step out and adapt to make your life better?

Terry Jenkins

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