100 Day Challenge – Day 034


Never Ever Give Up!

Day 34 of The 100 Day Challenge is entitled ‘ The Power Of Persistence’.

Before any goal is achieved, you will encounter both triumph and tragedy.

Murphy’s Law rules. We all know that. But it is your reaction to adversity that determines whether you drive through to success.

My weekend is a great testament to how plans go awry.

I set myself a stupidly ambitious target and then tasks took longer than planned. Not my fault as some videos I needed to upload to YouTube took much, much longer than I had planned.

So as I said, not my fault, but it was still my problem and I needed to react to it with perseverance if I wanted to succeed.

I succeeded.

Then Murphy’s Law struck and I pulled my back, meaning I couldn’t work at all on Sunday.

It is still sore now, but it is manageable thanks to the ‘Powerstrip‘ I am using.

Plus it meant that this blog is a day late, but it IS here.



It is my choice, but I am working on through the pain. ‘Agony’ would be a bit dramatic and serves no one haha.

Also, thanks to the 100 Day Challenge, I have a plan, that although it now needs adjusting, I can still work to and re-prioritise.

Would this have been my reaction 34 days ago?

I think not.

Is that a recommendation of the challenge?

You bet your bottom dollar it is 😉

Terry Jenkins



  • Anita Mistry

    Reply Reply December 15, 2014

    Oh dear I hope your back gets better soon make sure you get plenty of rest. WOW 100 day challenge that’s a tough one. I recently did Octoberfest – blogging everyday of October and yes the challenges certainly motivate and I actually posted every single day. Alas I have fallen on the wayside with November but then again it’s a busy time for me leading up to Christmas (I know excuses). Feel better soon Anita

    • Terry Jenkins

      Terry Jenkins

      Reply Reply December 15, 2014

      Thank you Anita.

      You are so right about blogging daily. It seems to give the day structure and helps you focus on the day ahead.

      Perhaps you can get back into the daily habit in 2015.


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