100 Day Challenge – Day 035


Focus on Quality

‘Quality must become an obsession’

That is the message from day 35 of ‘The 100 Day Challenge’.

  • Are you a high achiever?
  • Do you focus on quality?
  • Do you try to get the best product out there under the time and resource limits you have?

These are the questions posed in todays challenge, a challenge that asks for good intention, uncompromising standards and attention to detail in everything you do.

But do you do it?



It is so easy to slack off in areas you don’t find stimulating or you just don’t enjoy¬†undertaking.

It is easy to cut corners in the finished product, especially if it is unseen by the client.

The problem is that these compromises eventually take the gloss of the quality of your offering.

Eventually you get found out.

So today I am concentrating on the quality of what I produce. Just going that extra mile to see if I can produce work that sticks out that little bit from the pack.

I am certain it will be worth it.

Terry Jenkins


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