100 Day Challenge – Day 036



Oh no!!!

This was one of the challenges I wasn’t looking forward to.


Because leadership is not one of my strong points. In fact, I would go as far as to say I am well below average and it is one of my weaker points.

But is it my self-confidence in being a leader or just a natural inability I have to lead people?

This I have never been able to answer.

So I entered today’s challenge with extreme trepidation.



The Problem

I have never been seen as a natural leader. I was never captain of a team at school, or put in a role where I would need to inspire others.

I have rarely been put in this position in my working life either.

So was this because I naturally shied away from such responsibility or was it because I didn’t have the qualities to inspire others?


The Challenge

Once the video played as part of today’s challenge, I started to analyse my leadership skills.

It is amazing how these daily challenges can become so inspiring and motivating.

Today’s challenge went through the qualities needed to be a leader and I started to look at the role a little differently to how I had ever approached it before and it did instil more confidence.

In fact, it helped me realise that on the few occasions I have been given leadership positions, I have always achieved quite well and today’s challenge revealed to me that this was probably down to the fact I always lead by example.

I once worked for a lady who had a team of 3 people. She used to dish out the work to us everyday and then used to sit back and watch us do the work.

Was she a great leader?

I think not.

Her inaction led to resentment and our productivity dropped.

When I thought of my leadership roles, I realised one other important thing.

When I led by example and offered advice and support via the Internet, as opposed to being in a face to face situation, I always came across much, much stronger than I did in person.

I regularly get friend requests on Facebook from people I look up to in the areas I work in and this suggests to me I do have the ability to hold my own in these areas.



So another great challenge, that although not making a great leader of me, has helped bolster my self-belief and revealed talents I have that I previously lacked confidence in.

So, another successful challenge?

I genuinely think so, but this is definitely work in progress.

Terry Jenkins

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