100 Day Challenge – Day 037


Answer The Call

Day 37 of ‘The 100 Day Challenge‘ is called ‘Answer The Call’.

I looked at the title and decided this was going to be a call to arms, to put everything that I had been taught so far into practice and do it every day and I was correct.



So I started to listen and began to think I am not going to get anything from this because I was already putting in massive action to take on board all of the daily challenges.

But I was wrong, I ending up being inspired and motivated to achieve more.


Because the challenge went into the reasons why I should be putting these things into practice.

Why someone else would take my place if I fell short.

The end result was a challenge that turned out to be one of the best ones so far, not the obvious lecture on action taking I thought it would be.

In fact, I think it shows how good this challenge actually is, because even obvious calls to action such as this become so inspiring.

The upshot is that I am ready for another day and to hit it very hard.

Are you?


Unleash Your Greatness

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Terry Jenkins

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