100 Day Challenge – Day 038


Overcoming Adversity

There are many examples of people coming back from adversity.



At some point we all end up with our backs against the walls, but it is up to ourselves to drag our sorry backsides up from out of the dirt and to fight on.

According to the 100 Day Challenge, there are 7 rules to ensure you can win through all adversity:

  • Refuse to die
  • Decide to fight
  • Get mad
  • Get creative
  • Focus on results
  • Take a risk
  • Enjoy the ride

We have all seen these types of comebacks. They are the meat and veg of most hollywood films, but that doesn’t mean they are all fiction.

Plenty of people survive adversity and come back to triumph, Nelson Mandela being perhaps the most inspirational of modern times and you can probably think of many more that have overcome disappointment to win through and triumph.

You don’t have to be that spectacular, but if you follow the integrity and values this man put into his life, you are not going to go too wrong.

Make today the day you choose to finally overcome adversity in your life. If you can’t and you need to, this might be the moment you need to sign up to ‘The 100 Day Challenge’.

Terry Jenkins


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