100 Day Challenge – Day 040


Goal Setting For Results

‘What you become is more important than the goal itself’.

This is the first major quote from todays challenge and if you think about it, this is so true.

The idea of the ‘The 100 Day Challenge‘, and the reason it is over so many days, is to instil you with better habits.

Goal achieving habits.

Habits that make you a better person.

Habits that make you achieve more and to a higher standard.



Setting goals should always stretch you, take you out of you comfort zone and move you in the direction of the person you would like to be.

You should set yourself goals every day. This is a habit I am yet to achieve, but I am getting better at setting myself targets and taking on new challenges.

More importantly I am slowly becoming a person I am more at ease with, more confident about and more proud of.

Will you be proud of what you achieve today, this week, this month or over the coming year?

I know that I will still have days when I fail, but by following ‘The 100 Day Challenge‘, I know I am getting closer to the person I want to become, and that my friend is one heck of a recommendation.

Terry Jenkins



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