100 Day Challenge – Day 025

  25 and Counting Can you believe I am already 25% through the 100 Day Challenge.   Well the time seems to have flown, but then doesn’t it always these days. It has been quite a journey so far, but it is a road I am very happy to have travelled. In that time I…

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Look Mommy There’s An Aeroplane Up In The Sky!

  Yesterday (Sunday) my wife had a training event to attend, so it was up to me to collect my step-son Jack from his weekend visit to his Dad’s. The journey to Leyburn normally takes around one hour each way and I normally use this time to listen to some motivational and self-improvement course in…

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100 Day Challenge – Day 024

  Simplicity We have all seen the acronym ‘KISS’. It stands for ‘Keep It Simple Son’ or ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. You may know others. Yet our lives seem to get more and more complex each day. Sometimes it seems technology adds to our daily burden instead of lessening it.   I remember when I…

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