The August Challenge – Day 06 – A Major Rethink . . .

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Best laid plans and all that . . .

With any project there comes problems. Yesterday had no short measure of them and I may have to rethink my plans, depending on what happens today.

So let’s dive into yesterday’s review . . .

If you need a catch-up on what I am doing,  you need to click on the link below to find out about my crazy project . . .


Day Five Review

To get my first book published, my remaining tasks for yesterday and today were as follows:

  1. Create the workbook.
  2. Create the cheatsheet.
  3. Create a book cover.
  4. Create the email capture page.
  5. Set up my autoresponder to handle the new email addresses as people subscribe from my book.
  6. Create a follow-up email campaign.
  7. Load my book to the Kindle Marketplace.
  8. Load my book to Createspace.
  9. Set up my campaign to offer my book free for 5 days on Kindle.
  10. Add details of my book to my website (blog and advert?).
  11. Use book announcement sites to announce my 5 day free offer.

This would see my first book published and available on Kindle and Createspace. I intended to complete the first 6 yesterday.

That was when reality kicked in.

This is how the day unfolded:

1) The first disaster came shortly after I completed yesterday’s blog. I was locked out of the website and every web page within it, including my blog and other packages I have for sale. The reason was because I hadn’t responded to an email asking for ICANN verification. I quickly rectified this matter, but my website access still displayed this message:


Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 16.57.36


Fortunately, my access returned after about 60 minutes and I didn’t have to wait 48 hours!

2) I ploughed into designing the book cover and came up with the following draft:


Book Cover



I put this up for comments on a few places on Facebook where authors hang-out and have had a couple of comments about the picture and the length of the sub-title, so I need to rethink these and see if I can improve on them.

3) I started to design the email capture page and had it looking pretty neat:


Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 09.31.46

Obviously the image needs to reflect the final book cover design and will have the words ‘Workbook’ on it under the title.

Have you noticed something else about the capture page?

If you read it, you can see I am offering access to a members area.

This is where my plan started to get a little creaky around the edges.


Where To Store The Workbook?

Now the idea of offering the workbook is to grab people’s email addresses so you can help them develop their skills, but also so you can market to them long term.

Now my short-term (3 month) business goal is to have around 20 or so Internet Marketing books on Kindle to generate income, but to also generate email addresses for my email list.

My medium term aim (6-12 months) is to build a membership site where people have free access to Internet Marketing related material, but can upgrade to a paid membership if they want access to some high quality courses that would normally cost from $7 to $997 to purchase separately.

The book I have written could easily be aimed at a much wider business community, but I specifically targeted it at Internet Marketers because those are the people I want on my email list.

My idea was to entice them onto my free membership site, with the long term aim of upgrading them to being a paid member, which would bring in monthly recurring income for myself.

Now, can you see where this is going?

If I could put the workbook on the membership site and offer the readers of the book free membership to my members area, it would mean that anyone ‘opting in’ would go straight into the free members area and I wouldn’t have to entice them in at a a later date.

In addition, there would be more incentive for them to join from the book, because I am offering them higher perceived value with the free members area.

The downside to this is that I would need to develop the members area before launching my book and this is what I spent my time on yesterday – investigating how to achieve this.


Which Way To Go . . .


So I have 2 choices:

1) Continue with my original plan and entice the clients onto the free members area at later date.

2) Re-jig the plan to build the members area and move all the people to it on initial application.

The first option would offer the best option of meeting the original targets of the August Challenge and would mean I could start to monetise the plan within the next few days.

Nevertheless, option 2 would be the best choice from a business point of view as I will end up with a much higher percentage of my book readers on the membership site, especially as I will lose a percentage of them who unsubscribe from my email list before I can get the membership site operational.

Option 2 also means I would not need to change the book to incorporate the new members area option at a later date.


Today’s Plan

So I have a dilemma to solve.

To be honest, I am still awaiting a proofreading of my book to come back, so it may have been impossible to have listed it on Kindle today anyhow.

I spent a few hours yesterday trying to set up a membership site and I have some outstanding problems to solve regarding only giving access to the workbooks to the people who buy my book.

Also, I am awaiting replies to some questions I posted on the forum of a membership training course I had previously enrolled on.




My decision on which direction to take is very easy though.

You see the book I have written talks about how to focus on your business and having (and working to) a long term plan, ensuring everything you do in your business is geared towards achieving that long term goal.

Now my long-term vision is to build a business with multiple streams of income and one of the core areas of that vision will be a membership site, with multiple access levels and price points.

To bypass my own advice would be ludicrous, so I need to incorporate the membership site into this project!

So where does that leave me?

Well, I need to spend today doing what I can to answer the outstanding questions on how to integrate the membership site access with the book.

Also, my email campaign will be different slightly as I can encourage people to upgrade to the paid members area, where they will get tremendous value.

Depending on my investigations and what I can achieve today with the membership site set-up, I will need to seriously re-think the August Challenge and what I want to achieve from it.

To be perfectly honest, a working membership site with products for the clients to access and the ability to upgrade to a paid subscription and just 1 book published is likely to take my business forward much more swiftly in the long term than my original plan of having 12 books published in a month.

The other thought I had was that I only need to launch a book every 5 days as this is how long you can offer a book for free in a 90 day period on the Kindle Marketplace, so a target of 18 books within a 90 day period would be a less stressful achievable goal.

So until I can work out how long it will take to build the members area and populate it with training packages and books, it will be impossible to say how many books I can aim for publication this month.

The bottom line is I will still have a 31 Day August Challenge, it may just look a little different to the original I set out on 5 days ago and may just be the first part of a 90 Day Challenge!

One thing for sure, this is starting to get exciting . . .


Until tomorrow . . .

Terry Jenkins



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