The August Challenge – Day 07 – The Membership Site is Born . . .

31 Day Challenge Day 07 Small


There is good news on the membership site front, so let’s plough into yesterday’s review . . .

If you need a catch-up on what I am doing,  you need to click on the link below to find out about my crazy project . . .


Day Six Review

So yesterday’s task was all about assessing whether it was possible to integrate my Kindle books(s) with a membership site, so readers could access their workbooks and also enjoy the benefits of being in a members area, such as related PDFs, videos and downloads.

The first task was to identify a suitable membership plugin for WordPress that would allow the membership site to work seamlessly with the Kindle books, via some sort of registration mechanism.

Well on that front I have good news, bad news and good news – let me explain.

Good news – I have found a plugin called OptimizeMember which appears to be ideal for what I am trying to achieve.

Bad news – To use it, you need to have paid for a WordPress theme called OptimizePress2


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.08.24


Good news – I already have a licence for the Publisher Package and are currently only using 1 of the licenses.

Even better news – As an added bonus, I also had a training package on Udemy that teaches how to install and use OptimizeMember plugin to set up a Membership site!

So I spent about 4 hours yesterday ploughing through the training and working out how to adapt it to my needs.





The New Membership Site

I have started to work on the membership site and have one or two pages and the menu structure created.

I have also started to develop the registration link, as this is the crucial part of the system that will link the Kindle books to the free membership area.


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.19.29


Another area of consideration was the storage of the videos and PDFs as I needed somewhere secure and could offer a fast delivery.

A little investigation and I was registering with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a means of storing and delivering my media.

This is used by the big boys such as Netflix, so it should be suitable for my humble requirements.

Again I found a section on another Udemy training course I was enrolled on that ran you through how to use this.

So another 2 hours disappeared as I tried to come to terms with how this worked.

Eventually I managed to get some videos and PDFs loaded up to AWS.


Today’s Plan

So I now have a way forward and today’s task will be to get the registration system working seamlessly and attempt to get pages setup on the membership site that access the material on AWS.

Here are today’s target tasks:

  1. Set up a page with downloads for the workbook and cheatsheet that accompanies the Internet Marketing Ignition book.
  2. Set up a Silver Member access level (free level).
  3. Set up a Gold Member access level (paid for level).
  4. Set up a page with a PDF on it at Silver level.
  5. Set up a page with a video on it at Silver level.
  6. Set up a page with a download on it at Silver level.
  7. Set up a page with a PDF on it at Gold level (paid for members only).
  8. Set up a page with a video on it at Gold level.
  9. Set up a page with a download on it at Gold level.
  10. Set up menus for Silver and Gold level member product access.
  11. Set up a registration for access to the workbook and silver level from the book.
  12. Test everything works.
  13. Start loading products in the Silver members area.

If I can achieve tasks 1 to 12 (a very tall ask) and a little of 13 (really pushing it), it should give enough information to be able to re-plan the August challenge tomorrow.

Then I can re-assess the following:

  1. A target date to have the membership site ready for free members.
  2. A target date for my first book to be published on Kindle and Createspace.
  3. A new schedule for the remainder of the month to see how many of the original plan of 12 books I can publish this month.

Anyhow, no more delays!!

Time to get cracking on those 13 tasks for today . . .




Until tomorrow . . .

Terry Jenkins



I am using  ‘Breakthrough Adsense Profits’ as the basis to my August Challenge.

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