The August Challenge – Day 08 – Splutter, Splutter . . .


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Welcome to the start of the second week of the August Challenge!

If you need a catch-up on what I am doing,  you need to click on the link below to find out about my crazy project . . .


Day Seven Review

So here were yesterday’s target tasks:

  1. Set up a page with downloads for the workbook and cheatsheet that accompanies the Internet Marketing Ignition book.
  2. Set up a Silver Member access level (free level).
  3. Set up a Gold Member access level (paid for level).
  4. Set up a page with a PDF on it at Silver level.
  5. Set up a page with a video on it at Silver level.
  6. Set up a page with a download on it at Silver level.
  7. Set up a page with a PDF on it at Gold level (paid for members only).
  8. Set up a page with a video on it at Gold level.
  9. Set up a page with a download on it at Gold level.
  10. Set up menus for Silver and Gold level member product access.
  11. Set up a registration for access to the workbook and silver level from the book.
  12. Test everything works.
  13. Start loading products in the Silver members area.

Well yesterday started so well and ended a little abruptly with a splutter!

Firstly, I set off on the first task and created a download page for the workbook and cheatsheet for my first book and it came out reasonably well I think:


Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 09.51.15


I then set about setting up the Silver and Gold membership levels and that went smoothly also.

I also managed to set up a 2 pages with a pdf on them and 2 with downloads, so that meant the first 4 tasks and tasks 6, 7 & 9 were ticked.

I then managed to get task 10 completed, with the different menu options.

8 tasks out of 13 complete and it was early afternoon. I was flying.

That was then I started to run into trouble.

Firstly, I struggled to get the videos to work from the Amazon S3 site with the standard membership plugin.

Searching for help around the net wasn’t encouraging. It looks like it is difficult to achieve this using the OptimizeMember plugin and Amazon S3 file storage.

The suggested options involved purchasing or paying monthly access fees to other options such a Vimeo or Easy Video Suite.

Nevertheless, I could launch the site with just e-books on the Silver membership level and work on the rest later, which I decided was the best way to take the project forward.

With 8 tasks complete and 2 tasks eliminated for now (5 & 8), I set about task number 11.

Setting up the registration page for new users coming from my book was also completed quite swiftly as you can see below:


Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.07.50


So effectively I only had the last 2 tasks to complete.

Task 12 is where more problems started to occur.

As I started to test if everything worked ok, I realised there was a flaw in my design that I didn’t have a workaround for!

You see, the registration page is for new users . . .

What if they were already registered, because you don’t want to force people to have different user account for each workbook!

This meant they would not get access to the workbook, or to the workbook of any other books I write, unless I found a solution.


Fixing the Workbook Problem

So I set about trying to solve this problem.

I sent an email to the helpdesk of the membership plugin software and they replied reasonably swiftly, especially for a Friday afternoon.

Unfortunately they gave me an answer to a question I didn’t ask and by the time I had read their email and sent a reply, their helpdesk had closed until Monday morning!

So I was on my own.

After brainstorming the idea I came up with the following possible solutions:

  1. Get existing users to contact my support desk to add the workbooks to their membership.
  2. Grant access to every workbook or resource for all of my books to everyone on the membership site.
  3. Not use the membership site for workbook access and go back to my original plan.
  4. Have a link from the book for new members to the website and a second link for existing members.
  5. Wait to see if a solution is available from the helpdesk.

Option 1 would be messy and would delay my readers getting the full benefit of the book immediately on purchase.

Option 2 would work, but would take away one of the benefits of purchasing the books in the first place.

Option 3 would divert me away from my long term aims in developing my business.

Which leaves option 4 and 5.

Option 5 will happen naturally one way or another, so I am going to investigate option 4 today to see if there is at least a workaround so the challenge can continue.

It will mean setting up a page where they can add the workbooks to their membership and at the moment I need to investigate how you achieve that.


Today’s Plan

So I am making massive progress and learning all the way through and every step appears to take my business forward.

So, here are today’s tasks:

  1. Set up a membership page for existing members to access the workbook.
  2. Test everything works.
  3. Start loading products in the Silver members area.
  4. Create a new schedule for the remainder of August Challenge.

If I can achieve these 4 tasks, then I will know the following:

  1. A target date to have the membership site ready for free members.
  2. A target date for my first book to be published on Kindle and Createspace.
  3. A new schedule for the remainder of the month to see how many of the original plan of 12 books I can publish this month.

Oh, and I promised my wife I would spend 4 hours at the beach with her today.

So no pressure!!


Until tomorrow . . .

Terry Jenkins



I am using  ‘Breakthrough Adsense Profits’ as the basis to my August Challenge.

If you want to follow along, you can grab a copy by clicking the image below.

It is available for around $7:


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