The August Challenge – Days 09 to 12 – A Quick Update

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Hi everybody!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what is happening in the August Challenge.

Progress has virtually come to a halt a present for a number of factors, which I will go through here:

The Current Plan

So, here were the latest  tasks I needed to complete:

  1. Set up a membership page for existing members to access the workbook.
  2. Test everything works.
  3. Start loading products in the Silver members area.
  4. Create a new schedule for the remainder of August Challenge.

So what is happening?

Well unfortunately I am stuck on task 1.

It appears that I cannot achieve what I need to do in the linking between the Kindle books and the membership site without writing some code in a programming language called PHP.




My problem stems from having no experience with PHP.

There is help I have received from a number of sources and it appears what I need to achieve is possible, but the rudimentary knowledge I have gained so far has meant that 3 days of investigation and self-coding has not resulted in achieving the desired result.

In fact I get some sort of syntax error, which suggests I have coded it wrong!

There are a number of possible solutions to this problem:

1) Resolve it myself by revisiting all the instructions I have received and see if I can fix the error.

2) Learn PHP to a level I can understand what the code is doing and possibly spot the error.

3) Get help from someone more experienced who can identify the error in the code.

4) Pay a PHP specialist to code it for me.

5) Give up.

Obviously I am not going down the route of number 5, although it would have been an option if I thought what I am trying to do was unachievable.

Number 4 could get costly and I am not sure where I could find a reasonably priced and competent coder. It is only about 10 lines of code to achieve what I need to do!

I am working on number 3 and have had some help from a couple of sources. These are people who have freely offered advice and I do not wish to push them too hard. It is my problem not their’s!

Number 2 could take a few days to even become mildly competent, so it is a last ditch option, although having this skill in my arsenal would be beneficial.

I have been working on number 1 for the last day or so with no success but I am not going to give up!

On top of these problems, I have the following going on:


Helping Friends . . .

Over the last 3 days I have had 3 people contact me to ask for help in setting up or improving their websites.


The first one needs a simple website developing, with a sales funnel and an email campaign.

The second person has an existing WordPress blog, but they want to improve the look and functionality of it, including a couple of new pages.

The third person wants a membership site developing for their team. Fortunately this will not be as complex as the one I am trying to develop here.

With all 3 of these friends I have a very close working relationship, which I can develop by helping them with their requirements.

The time spent over the last 3 days just discussing and analysing their requirements has run into several hours that has impacted on the time available for the August Challenge to progress.

I originally developed the August Challenge to fill a gap in my schedule, but these 3 projects will have impact on the time I can spend over the remainder of the month.


The Way Forward  . . .

My priorities have needed to shift over the last couple of days, as I want to work with my friends to help them develop their websites.

In hindsight, August may not have been the best month to have undertaken such an ambitious project. With the sunny weather and the kids off school, there are more external pressures then normal to not be working.

In fact we have had 2 of my wife’s friends staying overnight on different days over the last week and my daughter is visiting for a couple of days from tomorrow night.

It has been interesting also how much writing the first book has had on my August Challenge as it helped to prioritise what is important in my business and how modifying the original challenge has brought it much more in line with my long term business aims.

One of those aims is to develop multiple sources of income and my relationship with these 3 friends requiring website development is intrinsic to achieving that goal.

In some ways meeting their needs may have come at a good time as I would have spent much of the time over the last couple of says waiting for help with the membership/Kindle linking problem, so their impact has been minimal so far.


Today’s Plan

At present I am awaiting instruction from all 3 people to see their timescales and determine what they want to achieve with their websites this month, but business sense dictates they must take priority.

Nevertheless, I am not abandoning the August Challenge!!

Once I have a fix in place and an idea of the requirements of the other people’s web developments, I will be setting a new schedule and a target.

There is still 19 days to go in August after today and I intend to have something worthwhile to show for it at the end.

To this end, I will be concentrating on fixing the current problem and where time allows I will be starting to pad-out/write the second Kindle book.

To not bore anyone, I will not post until I have some progress on this challenge.

Hopefully that will be tomorrow!!


Until next time . . .

Terry Jenkins



I am using  ‘Breakthrough Adsense Profits’ as the basis to my August Challenge.

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