The August Challenge – Final Results

So my original challenge was to write and publish 12 books to the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.

I had the 31 days of August to achieve it.

So how did I do?


The Results . . .

Books published = 0.

Books written = 1.

So this was an epic failure, correct?

Well the answer is a categorical no.

If you want to find out why I believe that, then you need to read on . . .


What I Achieved . . .



The biggest benefit was writing the first book, and I achieved that in the first couple of days.

The lack of progress after that was because of the first book!

Let me explain . . .

The first book was about giving your Internet Marketing  business a massive kick-start.

It was about defining a long term vision for your business and then writing goals that took you to that vision.

From this I realised that I needed to do this exercise myself.

Having completed the exercise, I realised something.

I realised that churning out 12 books was not the correct thing to be doing.


Why Not 12 Books in August?

So was the 12 books going to take me in the wrong direction?

The simple answer is no!




The problem wasn’t the 12 books  . . .

The problem was it wasn’t the right time to be publishing them.

You see my long term vision for my business had many aspects.

One of those was to have a membership site that brought in recurring monthly income.

I also wanted to build a large base of paying customers.

The books would bring the customers in, but I had no membership site written yet!

So to churn out the books at this stage would be a little self defeating in the long term.

I wanted as many of those book readers to join my membership site as free members.

Then I could make money from them in a variety of ways:

  • by putting advertisements in front of them.
  • by email offers
  • by upgrading them to paid members.

So I embarked on writing a membership site to take my new customers to  . . .


The Membership Site . . .

Now I have never produced a membership site before, so I knew this was going to be taking my skills down new roads.

What I didn’t envisage was the number of hurdles I would need to jump, or the hoops I needed to dive through.

The problem is I want to do everything right, so I wasn’t going to end up with a simple membership site.




Let me explain . . .

Most membership sites get designed for just one product or training package.

This is what most people break their teeth on when starting in Internet Marketing.

Mine is a multi faceted design, with many products, some of which will be exclusive to just a few people.

This ramped the complexity up about 50 notches.

My inexperience also meant learning a bunch of new things:

  • I undertook several online training courses
  • Watched many YouTube videos
  • Undertook several Google searches
  • Read hundreds of web pages

I have even asked questions of my course lecturers that they struggled to answer!

So I knew I was pushing the boundaries.


Conclusion . . .

So what is the verdict on my August 31 Day Challenge?

To be honest it looks like a complete failure on paper.

I never came close to achieving the original challenge.

But . . .

What I have achieved will take my business forward much more in the short to medium term.

I will develop a platform that will put my business on a firm footing to achieve my 5 year vision.

I will still publish my 12 books, but it will take a little longer.

On entering my website, my new clients will gasp at what I am offering them in both terms of quality and quantity.

You see they think they are going to get a download of a workbook.

What I am going to deliver to them is so much more they will be awe struck.

And that my friend is good marketing . . .

Terry Jenkins
Infinite Opportunities





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