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After years of struggle, trying to do the best I can, failing, succeeding, failing again, I have come to a momentous decision . . .

I have decided I no longer want to be dependant on people who can control my life . . .

  • I want to be financially independent.
  • I want to take control of my own health and well-being.
  • I want to be responsible for my own success.
  • I want to create a future that is totally under my own control.
  • I want to work when I want to.
  • I want to play when I want to.
  • I want to live where I want to.
  • I want to choose my own friends.
  • I want to excel at what I do.

Is that too much to ask?

I don’t think so!!


The Plan

So how do I plan to achieve this life?

Believe me I am a long way off it as I write this now!!

My plan is as follows:

  1. I will set goals and review them every day.
  2. I will plan my day each morning to squeeze the most from every second.
  3. I will review my day each evening – celebrate my victories and learn from my failures.
  4. I will put multiple streams of income into place.
  5. I will develop passive streams of income.
  6. I will come off any kind of government funding/benefits by raising my income above the level where I am eligible for these.
  7. I will work the hours I choose to meet my goals.
  8. I will continue to better myself through self-improvement and skills training on a daily basis.
  9. I will develop a healthy lifestyle through the understanding of nutrition and exercise, so minimising my risks of falling ill.
  10. I will help as many people as possible to design their own life, by becoming an example they would like to follow.




It all sounds very noble, but this is my life and I am in my 50s.

It is time for me to put my marker in the sand and take control of mine and my families future . . .

Design my own life . . .

Live every day with passion . . .

Help others to do the same . . .

If it is starting to sound like a crusade, then maybe it is, but it is my crusade and I have every right to have it and to stand by my beliefs.


Multiple Streams of Income

So what are my ideas?

Well, to live life by my terms I have to do something I am passionate about, right?

So what floats my boat . . .

What makes me rush out of bed in the morning because I can’t wait to dive in . . .

What excites me at the thought of doing it???

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Helping others achieve their goals.
  2. Helping others set goals.
  3. Writing.
  4. Public speaking.
  5. Learning new techniques.
  6. Self development.
  7. Being healthy.
  8. Achieving success.
  9. Sharing my success.
  10. Telling stories.
  11. Internet Marketing.
  12. Teaching others.
  13. Giving value every step of the way.

There are probably a few others, but those spilled out of my mind in about the time it took to type them.

So there are definite trends there, so let’s see where my ideas lie:

  • I want passive income, so if I don’t work for a month the money still rolls in (unlike a window cleaner for instance).
  • I want to be an author.
  • I want to produce training packages teaching others how to replicate my success.
  • I want to promote healthy living.
  • I want to encourage others to take charge of their own well-being and finances.
  • I want to develop a coaching program.
  • I want to build a business with my wife, who is such a brilliant people person.
  • I want to grow a large audience of people who respect my advice and trainings.
  • I want to develop my own standards for what use in my business, recommend to others and live my life by.
  • I want to be able to set up 3 day events in Las Vegas (for instance), have 1,000+ people turn up to listen to me and my guest speakers.




So from this, I can see the following business areas to work in:

  1. Publishing children’s books – children appreciate books more than adults and I already have a few unpublished books written.
  2. Publishing books on Internet Marketing.
  3. Developing training packages for Internet Marketers teaching how to duplicate my successes.
  4. Develop an online membership site for my new audience.
  5. Develop a strong brand in the ‘health and well-being’ niche.
  6. Develop a brand in the self-improvement niche.

Finally I want to do the whole lot with INTEGRITY and PASSION!!!!!

This means only recommending products I would use myself . . .

Not spamming anyone . . .

Treating everyone as an equal . . .

Treating everyone with respect . . .

Laying out my values and living by them . . .

Become a product of the products I use and recommend!!!!!


It will be a tough challenge, but it is one I intend to take with every cell in my body!

Wish me luck peeps 🙂


Terry Jenkins
Infinite Opportunities





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