Does Trickery Work?

I have been receiving loads of Internet Marketing based e-mails recently that have tried to ‘trick’ me into clicking on them by cloaking themselves a something else.

For instance, I have received emails with the following subject:

– Confirm Your Subscription

– Payment funds unclaimed

– Loyal Customer Bonus

– Account unlocked!

– Thank you for your message

– Urgent! Account expiring soon


You must of all seem these type of subject headings if you are in the Internet Marketing game and probably even if you are not. If you click on the link it invariably takes you to some wild claimimg offer that all you need to do is give your email address and you will never have to work again.

I don’t like them. In fact I hate them. I think they are unethical and I think they taint the Internet Marketing industry. Heaven forbid I would ever be that desperate to have to send emails like that to my subscribers, or worse still, as spam to any old email list.

It is not the way I do things as I like to build a relationship with my subscribers. I like to think I add value and tell it like it is.

I definitely want to speak to them as a friend and, where the subject permits, from the heart.

Yes I want to make money from you, that is my aim, but I want you to get MORE value out of it than you pay for – a lot more. Plus I want to do it with honesty and integrity. I want you still to be my friend at the end of the transaction and I do not want you to feel duped.

I wonder if these people who send these emails ever make enough money to make it all worthwhile? It is definately lazy marketing and who wants to learn from a lazy marketer?

I am ethical. Can you say that about these people?

Until next time . . .


Terry Jenkins

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