How Secure Is Your WordPress Blog Part 3 . . .



I promise this will be my last update on WordPress Security, and a short one at that, but I wanted to report that I have had a dramatic drop in the number of people attempting to hack into my blog.

Plus if you stay until the end I have a security ‘Freebie’ for anyone interested in learning more about WordPress Security šŸ™‚

Anyhow, since installing Blog Defender 2015 it appears I have received only one hacking attempt in the 24+ hours I have been up and running, and that was very soon after implementation so it may have been they had obtain my site information before the lockdown.

Time will tell if this remains the case . . .

If you missed the first 2 articles on WordPress Security, and feel you could benefit, you can catch upĀ here: wordpress-blog/ wordpress-blog-page-2/

I suggest you read them in order as it will make more sense.


Cloaking Device

One of the benefits of usingĀ Blog Defender 2015 was it tries to ‘cloak’ your WordPress site so it no longerĀ appears to be a WordPress site when ‘bots’ go searching for it.

As hackers are specifically targeting WordPress sites, this leaves you far less vulnerable to attack.

I think this is why I have seen the massive reduction inĀ interference on my website.

If you click the picture below, you can get the lowdown on what Blog Defender 2015 does:


 security plugins wordpress


Battening Down All Hatches

My next task is to secure the 6 or 7 other WordPress sites I use or in some cases going in and disposing of them.

As an Internet Marketer you constantly try new things based on ideas you learn or were taught from training packages and some of them you feel will work you run with.

Inevitably what works for one person doesn’t always work for another, but each time you learn something and you get better at each attempt.

This results in webpages/websites that give you income and some that were minor or major flops.

So as I go through this exercise, it will be quicker to humanely ‘put-down’ the flops (delete them) than spend 90 minutes or so enhancing security on something that doesn’t pay!

Fortunately, this was a task I had scheduledĀ to do this anyhow.


The Freebie

I am not sure how long this coupon will stay valid for, but below is a link to a Udemy training course on WordPress Security:


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 19.22.34


The course normally retails at Ā£38 ($50 about), but if you are quick you can grab free access:

Hope you learn a thing or two.


Anyhow, thanks for reading!


Until next time . . .

Terry Jenkins


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