I am stuck in a rut!!!

Ever caught yourself saying or thinking that?

Ever wondered if there was something better for you out there?

If so, then you need to listen, because I can help you change things . . .

Here are my thoughts . . .

If you stick at doing something you will get better at it. Think about when you started to learn to to ride a bike, or started a new job. It seemed pretty difficult to start with, but as you practiced it became easier and second nature.




The good news is you can do this with most skills in your life, you just have to be consistent.

The important thing is to put what I have just told you to good use.

If you do nothing new, chances are nothing new will happen.

If you won’t change, then things in your life are unlikely to change for the better.

One thing is certain, 5 years will come and go whether you put the effort in or not!


a question-622164_640


So ask yourself this question . . .

Where do I want to be in 5 years time in my life?

Go on, think about it long and hard and come up with a vision of where you would love to be in 5 years.

Now . . .

  • What skills do you need to achieve that ambition?
  • Who do you need to associate yourself with?
  • What tools do you need to achieve it?
  • What are you doing now that will prevent you from achieving it?

Now you have a plan – go do something about it.

You have five years starting now to do it.

Go . . . .


Terry Jenkins

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