There is a whole bunch of Internet Marketers out there who will try to sell you the flavour of the month/week/day or even by the hour!

To be honest, if we find a good product, we will tell you about it and if you purchase through our affiliate link, then all well and good.

What we won’t do is recommend something just for the sake of making a quick buck unlike many of the ‘gurus’ out there.

I have had a complete rethink about this page following a recent blog post (100 Day Challenge – Day 25). Click the link if you want to read it.

I have decided that I want this page to run through what we use and the path we think you should pursue in order to get up and running as fast as possible.

My thoughts are given below:


You Need A Coach Or Mentor

Finding a mentor, who will take you by the hand and show you the ropes, is the quickest and most cost effective way to get established in this business.

With hindsight, this is the way I should have entered Internet Marketing in the beginning. I say that for the following reasons:

1) Finding a coach or mentor is, almost without fail, the reason all of the top people give in Internet Marketing as their breakthrough moment.

2) It is ultimately cheaper because you don’t spend money on a variety products trying to figure this all out. The products you buy will invariably take you down different paths and ultimately confuse and swamp you.

3) Finding a good coach will almost certainly ensure your success. The coaches want/need success stories to entice more people into their coaching program.

4) You will have a top marketer, and (usually) their contacts, to promote your products.

5) You will be able to promote your coaches products. Being accepted to promote products from top marketers can be nigh on impossible until you establish yourself in this business.

6) It is the fastest way to success for the majority of people. Occasionally people manage to emerge and strike lucky straight away with little training. Chances are this will not be you.

7) If you want success, you will inevitably be persuaded to take on a mentor or join a coaching course at some stage. Do yourself a favour, save the hassle and do it from the start.


Now I recommend John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success coaching program, which you can access a 7 day trial to for just $1 by clicking the picture below:




I recommend John’s course for the following reasons:

1) It is the coaching course I chose over the many others available and I thoroughly recommend it.

2) You get to create and release your own products as part of the course. This will give you a much greater standing in the Internet Marketing community (most people never get to this stage).

3) Your product will be vetted and developed with John. He will not let you release a turkey. He rejected my first 2 ideas. His experience is invaluable.

4) He will promote your products as an affiliate, effectively giving you access of his massive list of clients.

5) Many other of the Partnership To Success students, both past and present, will promote your product too.

6) You get immediate lifetime access to all of John’s Internet Marketing products, plus many others from his students and contacts. The retail value of these are way more than the cost of the coaching alone.

7) The course runs over 12 months and you have the option to pay for it monthly. In addition, you have lifetime access to the materials. John is a very generous guy in this way.

8) John has weekly student only webinars where he opens up his business for us to see how much he is earning and how. I do not know any other marketer that does this. This is a real eye opener as you can imagine.

9) You get support from all of the other students on the exclusive Facebook group. It is useful to share your pains or successes with people who are all on the same journey.

10) You get one-to-one support direct from John via 30 minute Skype calls, which you can book in advance.

11) You get the experience of someone who has years of experience, who has turned over several million on the internet and is one of the genuine nice guys in the industry.

12) John has a 100% success rate on this training course, which has been running since around 2012. His past students include some familiar names, including Omar Martin.

Plus there are many more advantages too numerous to mention.


Personally, if I do not double my investment in John’s coaching at the end of the 12 months, I will be seriously disappointed.

It is that good.

Nevertheless, for the foolhardy who wish to ignore my advice, or those who find money tight and cannot risk such an investment, below is my fundamental principles on how to get started in this business:


Internet Marketing Fundamentals


Internet Marketing is a business and as such it has tools of the trade and a set of skills you need to acquire if you want to be a professional.

These tools and skills apply to virtually everyone and are generally independent of whatever niche or type of marketing you wish to pursue.

Below I want to lay out the fundamental steps and the tools required to run a successful Internet Marketing Business:


This is one area we do not try to save money on, so we use Aweber as our primary autoresponder and Get Response as a back-up.

Web Hosting

There are many good web hosting services available. Personally we recommend D9, as it is run by people who are Internet Marketers themselves and who understand the specific needs of our crazy breed.