The 4 Day Plan – Day 2 (or not) . . .


Well what an eventful day I had yesterday and this morning on my 4 Day Plan that I outlined yesterday:

You can read it here:




Best Laid Plans

Yesterday I completed my planning for the challenge, set-up the autoresponder and got the emails campaign written and loaded on the autoresponder for the first 5 days.

I re-read my lead magnet to ensure all was ok and then started to work on my Landing Page for the project.

In the meantime, I had contacted an Internet Marketing buddy of mine called Shane Farrell, about using one of his products as the back-end of my sales funnel.

The product gave access to a membership site and was ideal for my funnel as it had 2 price points for entry:

1) $97 lifetime access

2) $1 trial and then a monthly fee

I was hoping to offer option 2 as a downsell if people thought $97 was too steep.


Plans Can Change You Know . . .

Anyhow I got into a long talk with Shane, who I admire and respect for his success in Internet Marketing, but also for his frank honesty and generosity in sharing ideas.

The upshot is he asked to see my two books, with a view to putting a different marketing strategy on the project and using a technique he and his Inner Circle have been using to great success recently.

Of course I obliged . . .

But this did mean I need to put the project on hold for a short time, which rather scuppered my 4 Day Plan!!


Plan b


Things Can Only Get Better . . .

On the plus side, having read one on Shane’s eBooks last night , this morning I came up with a cunning plan.

A plan that makes the 4 Day Challenge seem a walk in the park.

A plan that will test my resolve to the limit.

A plan to generate incredible momentum in my business.

A plan you can find out about in tomorrow’s blog post . . .


Until then . . .


Terry Jenkins

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