The 4 Day Plan – Day One



Do you ever just sit there and flit from one thing to another, one idea to another, and never really get started on anything?

Yes, that was me 12 months ago.

These days I approach life a little bit differently.

These days I tackle complete projects in one go.

Let me explain . . .


The New Philosophy

Over the past 12 months I have engaged in a massive amount of self-improvement training. Probably a thousand hours or more.

I have immersed myself in becoming a better version of myself and I have learnt a lot of cool stuff.

One of my new philosophies is to tackle a project over a matter of days and not one day at a time.

 sales funnel management

You see if you only plan a day at a time, you get distracted, but if you plan a project over a few days you can focus on it.

If your project takes more than 3 or 4 days I suggest you break it into smaller, more manageable projects.

The benefits of this approach is to strike a balance:

  1. You need a project big enough for you to feel you can give full focus to it.
  2. You need a project small enough for you not to drift off track.
  3. An achievable short project that you complete boosts your self-esteem and confidence.
  4. An achieved project sets you up to tackle the next one with renewed vigour.


My 4 Day Plan

As an example, I am going to show you my 4 day plan for the coming days.

I am an Internet Marketer and it is quite easy to break your projects into mini-projects.

I also immerse myself in what I do, to the point I sometimes don’t even know when someone speaks to me. It annoys the hell out of my wife, but it means I see incredible results in a very short time.

Last Saturday afternnon I wrote a PDF that I want to use as a lead magnet to get people on my Email list. This means I will send them a free copy in exchange for their email address.

It is called Udemy Hacking Blueprint:


 funnel management


I also have a PDF I wrote a few months ago that I want to make some money from. It is aimed at Internet Marketers who have failed to make money up to this point and runs through some strategies to help them achieve success:

 marketing funnel

My plan is to set up a sales funnel to get people on my list and to make some sales from the people who ‘opt-in’ to my email list.


The Sales Funnel

If you have been in Internet marketing for any amount of time you will know what a sales funnel is, but if not, here is a (very) quick sketch of my funnel:


 marketing sales funnel


The best approach for a sales funnel is to break it down into it’s component parts and then tackle each part of it one step at a time.

The components you need are:

  1. A lead magnet.
  2. Lead Magnet Capture Page.
  3. A product to sell for every upsell (more money then the previous product offered) or downsell (usually a cheaper product or a cheaper cut-down version of the last offer).
  4. A landing-page for every product in the sales funnel.
  5. A thank-you page when the customer hits the end of the funnel.
  6. A website to host your sales funnel.
  7. An autoresponder to store your clients emails and run your email campaign from.
  8. An email campaign to engage your clients.
  9. Traffic – a way of getting eyeballs to your initial Lead Magnet Offer page.

The above are just basic components, there are many other things you can do to improve the process (such as Facebook retargeting), but the first step is to get it all up and running.

As this point I will not be having any downsells, but you I always add these at a later date.

I already have number 1, and traffic can come later, so my plan is to do steps 2 to 8 over the next 4 days.

Once I have achieved it, can you imagine how I will feel?


My Long -Term Goal

My long-term aim is to have a membership site as the final sale on the sales funnel. It will be a membership site offering training packages and will have a Silver and Gold membership offer initially.

Silver members will have free access to the basic training packages.

Gold members will have to pay, but will have access to hundreds/thousands of dollars worth of commercial packages written by myself and other well-known Internet Marketers.


Daily Progress

As you are aware, I blog daily, so I will try to keep you updated with everything over the next 3/4 days as to how things are going. You never know you may be inspired to take action yourself and set up your own sales funnel at the same time.

Let’s make it happen!!!


Until next time . . .

Terry Jenkins





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