The August 31 Day Challenge – Day 02 – The Trepidation is kicking in . . .



If you missed yesterday’s blog post you will have missed the announcement of my new project, so you need to click on this and catch-up on what I am doing . . .


Day One Review

Well the trepidation has really kicked in and what I am undertaking is becoming a little scary.

I mean writing and publishing 12 books on Kindle is a little crazy but I have already come up with 15 candidate topics to write on and knowing my brain, more will appear as time goes by!

To compound my fears, I have discovered to even come close to achieving this mammoth task I need to use some new tools I have no experience of.

Anyhow, as you saw from yesterday’s blog, I have my plan in place and my resolve is to stick to it as best as I can.

So I have delved deeper into the planning stage and identified what I need to achieve this and I will walk you through the things I discovered in today’s post.


Breakthrough Adsense Profits

I am going to use an ebook called ‘Breakthrough Adsense Profits’ as my guide through this project.

It is written by me friend Shane Farrell (I mentioned him yesterday you may remember) and Bryan Harkins.

It walks you through how to set up and monetise a Kindle book enterprise using list building and Google Adsense.

If you want to follow along, you can grab a copy by clicking the image below. It is available for around $7:


Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 09.19.40


Scrivener and Dragon Dictate

I have been fishing around the Internet and have discovered the most productive software available for writers is a product called Scrivener.




It is specifically designed to help with book publication to places such as Kindle and Createspace.

The downside of course is the trade-off in learning how to use it to get the best of it.

To this end I have enrolled on an 8 hour online Udemy training course learn the package.

The training course is broken into many lessons, so I am hoping I can just ‘dip in’ to it as I go along.

Otherwise, I will need to learn it outside my allotted time and I have precious little of that left for recreation and sleeping!

I have also decided to use Dragon Dictate for the Mac to see if I can speed up my document creation.




I am no typist so being able to dictate my words should be more accurate and quicker.


The Rest

I already have a Google Adsense account, although I don’t use it much, so that will save time on applying for it.

Breakthrough Adsense Profits also recommends using a WordPress theme called CTR Theme.

It costs $67, but is optimised to get the best out of Google Adsense so should pay for itself quite quickly.

I plan to use my existing domain name and I already have hosting and an autoresponder, so it seems as though I am ready to go.


Today’s Plan

Today I plan on getting the website up and running which will involve using WordPress and installing and setting up the new ‘CTR Theme’.

I just hope there is good documentation for it, as my WordPress skills are not the greatest and I can’t afford to learn another skill at the moment.

One potential spanner in the works today is the weather.

‘How?’, I hear you cry.

Well I promised my wife I would do a car-boot sale with her today if it is dry and that my friend will take 5 hours out of my day but potentially put some cash in my pocket.

We shall see . .

Wish me luck . . .


Until tomorrow . . .

Terry Jenkins





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