The August 31 Day Challenge – Day 04 – My Schedule Needs a Tweak . . .


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Wow, we are already into day 4 of  my 31 day challenge to see if I can write and publish 12 Kindle books in one month and things are starting to happen!

If you need a catch-up on what I am doing,  you need to click on the link below to find out what I am doing . . .


Day Three Review

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to deviate from my plan and concentrate on getting the first book written instead of completing the remainder of my set-up tasks.

This had a number of advantages:

  • I could discover how many words per hour I could produce. This would give some guidelines as to whether my timetable was achievable
  • Getting the first book completed earlier gave more time to re-read the draft and alter/proofread it
  • It would be a morale booster to ensure I got my first book onto Kindle in the first 7 days
  • It was a break from all the set-up tasks

So how did I do I hear you cry?

Well, my book needed to be 10,000 to 12,000 words long, so I set a target of 7,500 words for yesterday.

This was because I needed to complete about 70% of the book in the first day to allow time for proofreading, book cover set-up and uploading everything to Kindle and Createspace.

Well yesterday proved to be quite a challenge as I also spent around 3 hours going through the online Scrivener (my authoring software) training, as I felt this would speed up my overall production.

But, I completed the course . . .




So in the end I had about 6 hours left to write my book!

The result was (drum roll . . .)

7,557 words . . .

. . . and a late night!


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.31.16


Do you like the little tool you get in Scrivener that shows you how many words you have in total and how many you have completed in the current session.

The latter is 0 because I took the screenshot this morning before I started writing.

From this, I believe with some concerted effort I could write a book from start to finish in a day, which is great because it would allow a complete day to review, proofread and get it loaded onto Kindle.

To be honest after this book is available on Kindle, I am toying with this idea once I go totally into book production mode:

Day 1 – Write Book A

Day 2 – Write Book B

Day 3 – Review/Publish Book A

Day 4 – Write Book C

Day 5 – Review/Publish Book B

Day 6 – Write Book D

Day 7 – Review/Publish Book C

and so forth . . .

I think this approach will allow time to read a book afresh to ensure I haven’t missed something in the production stage.


My Schedule Is Not Working Out . . .

Another observation from my first 3 days of the challenge is that my initial daily schedule I produced was a little optimistic!


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.10.20


The amount of time I scheduled for normal daily life stuff was nowhere near enough and I am finding everyday life is creeping into my schedule.

Things such as shopping, dealing with telephone calls, opening the mail, showering and shaving.

You know, all those little parts of essential life that take a few minutes each, but add up over the day.

I am finding that it is 11:00am before I can get my blog post finished and it is scheduled to be complete by 9:30am!

That’s a loss of 90 minutes, so I need to tweak my schedule to reflect that.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an excuse to reduce the targets set in this challenge as I am still looking to get 12 books published in a month.

It is more a reality check and being honest with myself.

At least after yesterday’s findings, I believe I can stick to the revised, but still punishing schedule!


Today’s Plan

Today’s first task is to amend that daily schedule to make it more accurately reflect the time I have during the day.

Then I will finish my first book. To be honest I have the final chapter, the Introduction and the Conclusion to complete.

I then have to do all the boring stuff such as the Legal Disclaimer and Copyright page and the ‘About Me’ page to write.

The bonus is that those boring pages can then be dragged across into every other book I produce and this is extremely easy to do in Scrivener.

I then need to generate a Table of Contents to complete the document.

The next task is to look into getting a front cover and a title (a good title is eluding me at the moment!) and upload everything to Kindle and Createspace.

My plan is then to use days 5 and 6 to get the rest of the infrastructure in place such as the email campaign, autoresponder and squeeze page so I can capture those email address.

Am I still confident?

You bet I am!!!



Until tomorrow . . .

Terry Jenkins



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