The August Challenge – Day 05 – My Book Is Written

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Exciting news as we head into day 5 of my 31 day challenge to see if I can write and publish 12 Kindle books in one month and things are starting to happen!

I have the first book completely written and it is 11,647 words long.

So let’s plough into yesterday’s review!

If you need a catch-up on what I am doing,  you need to click on the link below to find out about my crazy project . . .


Day Four Review

My plan for yesterday was as follows:

  1. Amend my daily schedule to make it more accurately reflect the time I have during the day.
  2. Finish the main section of my first book.
  3. Complete the admin pages such as the Legal Disclaimer, Copyright page and the ‘About Me’ page.
  4. Generate a Table of Contents.
  5. Choose a title for the book.
  6. Create a front cover.
  7. Start on the Lead Capture page (time permitting).

So how many tasks did I complete?

Well the answer is 1 to 5, which means I have a title for my book – ‘Internet Marketing Ignition’ – what do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.32.03

By the time I had completed 1 to 5, it was around 9pm and I was a little concerned that I had missed some key points I wanted to include, so instead of embarking on the cover design and my lead capture page, I decided to proof-read my document and add any of the points I had missed.

This took me 3 hours, but it is a task I no longer have to to today.

To be perfectly honest, items 6 and 7 require some creative input, which is not my strongest suit, so I will be tackling those this morning with a clear head.

The amended daily schedule also proved to be a better fit around how my day was actually panning out, so getting that updated will help keep the project on track more accurately.

I intended my book  to be 10,000 to 12,000 words long, so my completed total of 11,647 is very close to the top end.

A neat feature of Scrivener is that you can set it to automatically generate the Table of Contents for you when it compiles your book, so this made task 4 relatively easy once I had fiddled with the settings.


On-Going Distractions . . .

One of the tasks I didn’t complete on my schedule was to go through my emails a second time in the evening.

This meant I woke up this morning to over 250 new emails to deal with!




I know it’s excessive, but it will take time to unsubscribe from some of them and I have become very adept at scanning the emails quickly and bulk deleting them several at a time.

It doesn’t help by having 23 email addresses to deal with.

Perhaps I need a cull of those as well.

I am also having a problem with an Internet Marketing product I purchased last week.

For some reason the purchase went through ok, but I never received my login details although I received an email saying I was booked on their webinar, which was free to all members who purchased the product.

I have now sent 2 emails to their support desk without receiving a reply.

This product helps you write sales copy (I have little experience of copywriting), so it was ordered to help with my previous  project that was put on hold.

Hopefully I will get news through before I need to use it.


Today’s Plan

plan list


I have decided I will try to capture people’s email addresses by offering them a workbook and cheatsheet that complements the book.

They will fill out these as they work their way through the book and I am hoping the fact they are free will entice people to subscribe to my email list.

So, here is a list of the tasks I need to complete over the next 2 days to get my first book published on Kindle and keep to my original timescales:

  1. Create the workbook.
  2. Create the cheatsheet.
  3. Create a book cover.
  4. Create the email capture page.
  5. Set up my autoresponder to handle the new email addresses as people subscribe from my book.
  6. Create a follow-up email campaign.
  7. Load my book to the Kindle Marketplace.
  8. Load my book to Createspace.
  9. Set up my campaign to offer my book free for 5 days on Kindle.
  10. Add details of my book to my website (blog and advert?).
  11. Use book announcement sites to announce my 5 day free offer.

I think that should keep my busy for a couple of days.

I am still unsure of the order I am going to hit them in, but I will be starting with numbers 1 to 4 this morning.


Until tomorrow . . .

Terry Jenkins



I am using  ‘Breakthrough Adsense Profits’ as the basis to my August Challenge.

If you want to follow along, you can grab a copy by clicking the image below.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 09.19.40

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