The Internet Marketing Nitwits!!

Hello my friends . . .

Today I wanted to rabbit on about a subject close to my heart and one that annoys me because I honestly feel a lot of Internet Marketers lose focus about this.

Adding Value

Internet Marketing is all about adding value to a persons life. It should be useful to the person being marketed too.





This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • To provide something that will help them solve a problem
  • To provide training in a new skill
  • To enhance understanding of a particular subject
  • To reduce pain in a persons life
  • To improve on a product they may already have
  • To enlighten someone on something they didn’t already know

And many other ways.

Giving More Than You Receive

One of the premises I like to stick to in my life is always giving more value than what a client or customer pays for.

I stick to this premise for two good reasons:

1) I like to give to other people

2) It pays!

When a customer pays for something at whatever value, $7, $27, $97 or beyond, they expect to get that value back in what you deliver.

Now if you can provide double the value, then you encourage them to use you again. This works exceptionally well when developing a client up your product ladder.




Let me give you an example:

A customer pays $7 for a PDF called ‘5 Free Traffic Sources That Work’.

In the PDF, you give them a bonus 2 traffic sources. You also give them a free report on setting up your first squeeze page.

Now the customer is very pleased because you have over-delivered.

Now when you approach them for your $27 video course called ‘The Traffic Slot-Machine That Always Wins’, they are much more likely to pay because they got value from you when they invested $7.

If you use this approach at each level of your value ladder, then over time you can slowly bring them through and up to your $2997 coaching course.

And isn’t that where we want most of our clients to reach?

The Nitwits

Of course the world is full of nitwits and Internet Marketing is blessed with an over-abundance of them!

If you have been in IM for any time at all, you will have met them.




They fall into several categories, most of them more than one:

The ‘over-aggressive’ marketer

  • This is the guy who puts an email a day on his autoresponder and sends another by broadcast to his list.
  • They talk like you are their best pal, but have never took the time to build a rapport with you.
  • They use a lot of negativity about what your life will be like if you don’t sign up for their offer.

The spammy marketer

  • This is the guy who emails you any offer they can make money on even if it has nothing to do with the reason you got on their list.
  • They send 2 or more emails a day and they prey you don’t hit the ‘unsubscribe button.

The Lazy Marketer

  • This is the guy who promises the world and delivers nothing.
  • Their emails are 5 words long with an affiliate link to an offer they haven’t even bothered to research.
  • They offer no value and can’t even be bothered to put their name to the email.


Now you have probably met all three types and if you have any experience at all, you delete their messages without even reading them because they bug the hell out of you!


My best advice to you my friend is to hit the unsubscribe button to get these people out of your life.




If you are one of these people, then I suggest you change your ways before my blog goes viral and you are out of business!!

But seriously, look at the successful marketers out there. How do they conduct themselves? Certainly not in any of the nitwit ways.

Come on guys, if you want to be successful you have to mirror what successful people do.

Just remember, successful people aren’t nitwits!

Terry Jenkins





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