The Kick-Ass Way To Increase Your Business Influence

Are you a marketer?

The answer is yes.

Unless you are a total recluse!

We Are All Marketers



We all have something to market, even if we are ‘selling’ ourselves to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

We all crave being liked.

Striving to achieve that involves us marketing ourselves.

Marketing is a peoples game. You have to interact with people to ‘sell’ them on your idea and yourself.

I strive to bring as many new people into my life as I can.

The larger my circle of influence, the greater the chance I can solve a specific need in my life . . .

Or theirs.

I have a greater chance of knowing the right person.

Plus it increases the number of people I can market to  . . .

And market through . . .

Which results in more sales . . .

Which is great marketing!

People Relations

So how do you strike up a good relationship with people?

What are the things you can do be in their circle of influence?

Here is my quick list:

  1. Treat everyone as your best friend, not as their dealer
  2. Make it about them
  3. Make them feel special

I will explain more . . .

Treat Everyone As Your Best Friend



Why not treat everyone you meet with respect and appear happy to see them?

Imagine what impact would that have on your business.

If you can make people feel they could confide in you it means you have earned their respect.

One thing is likely to happen . . .

The chances are you will meet several people who WILL become your best friend.

I try to give everyone a chance.

I am not saying you should be stupid about this . .

You need to exercise good judgement.

Still, making people feel trusted will make them more comfortable around you.

The simple answer is . . .

To treat everyone the way you would love them to treat you.

Make It About Them

When you meet someone for the first time, try asking them these 2 questions:

  1. What do you do for a living?
  2. What would I need to know about your business to be able to recommend you to my friends?

Isn’t that a great way to get someones attention?

Then listen to their reply, seeking clarification where necessary?

Seeking clarification and summarising their conversation proves you are listening . . .

And aids understanding.

Finally, make notes when you get home so you can recommend this person to your friends and family.




How good would you feel if someone did this to you?

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, but this is a great way to build a new relationship.

It also allows you to become a connector of people, by introducing people who need each other.

If you put a business owner in touch with a contractor you go up in the estimation of both people’s eyes.

It also makes you seem more important because you are a ‘connected’ person.

Plus your influence steps up a notch or 2!

Make Them Feel Special

The technique above is one way of doing this.

Then again, I always believe you should believe everyone is the best at what they do.

At least until they do something to prove they are not!

Why not try saying this next time you go to a new dentist, doctor or professional:

‘As far as I am concerned you are the best dentist in the world. Only you can diminish that view I have of you.’

You need to put it into your own words, but a complement always goes a long way.

Finally always be generous and sincere with your thanks.


So there you have it . . .

The kick-ass way to increase your business influence.

Do you notice how none of these techniques are about marketing or selling?

Not yourself, your product or your business?

That is because people do not want you to spew your offer all over them the moment they meet you.

To be successful in business you need to earn trust.

When people are ready, they will ask you what you do and then come to you when they need you.

And a client that comes to you are the easiest to convert to sales!

Terry Jenkins
Infinite Opportunities


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