Tough At The Bottom



When you start in Internet Marketing, you obviously have no list, no clue how to be an Internet Marketer, but will have a general desire to learn fast.

The first thing you learn is you need a list. Basically this is a list of email addresses of people who are interested in the area you market in.

To be honest, this is not easy to do. You need affiliate products to interest people and sign them up to your list and you need a list to sell the affiliate products to and all along you are scratching about in the dark on how to achieve either.

What you will find is there are people in this business who will realise your struggle and help you in every way they can, and then there are those who are just in it for themselves and the easy life. Personally I will always strive to help anyone I can.


Get To The Point Man!

So what is the point of my post?

Well, there is one marketer who I have purchased about 4 of their products and I applied to be an affiliate for them. I had no list, but I was willing to use their product, purchased their monthly subscription and set up web banners and blogged about it, but unfortunately I got no further sales.

They have released another product in the last few days, but I wasn’t automatically put on the affiliate list for it (although I did get the affiliate emails through), so I applied to be an affiliate.

I checked today as I hadn’t received an email from them, so I went onto JVZoo to check my request to find it had been denied. No problem it happens, but what really shocked me was they had removed my affiliate status for all the other products they had granted previously.

Now I am obviously not doing magical sales for them, but I find this attitude extremely galling. The marketer has been in this game much longer than me, but why take away my affiliate status?

We all have to start somewhere and I am one of the hardest working people you will find.



Their actions have made me do 2 things:

1) I have removed my monthly subscription (right on brother!!)

2) I am totally committed to being a better marketer than they ever will be. Period.

I may never reach their sales figures, but I will be more supportive of people who are starting in this industry.


No Names

I will not name names, that is far way below me, but I did feel angry enough to chuck this blog out there.

So if you are new to Internet Marketing, I just want to warn you that there are some brilliant people out there (John Thornhill, Shane Farrell, Luke Blower, Omar Martin, etc) and some who have very much their own interests at heart (no I’m not mentioning them).

My hope is that you hook up with the good guys early 🙂

Terry Jenkins


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