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Hi everyone!

There is so much going on at the moment I feel fit to burst!

Ideas . .

Plans  . . .

Training . . .

One of the things that has been dominating my attention lately is webinars.




I have been investigating Webinars over the last couple of days, the main reason being I was running my own webinar to our Network Marketing team two days ago and I wanted to ensure I gave the best I could, especially as it was the first ever webinar I had given (don’t worry I survived).

As with most things I investigate, I delved quite deeply into webinars, their usefulness, techniques, equipment and so forth.

So I thought I would share one or two of those discoveries and ideas with you today.


Webinar Ideas

As usual when I do this type of immersion on a single topic I ended up with loads of ideas, including a rather juicy business opportunity (keeping quiet on that one for now though).

I had enrolled on and watched a couple of webinars to get a feel for them, even though I have seen loads in the past and then began thinking about what a cheap source of excellent information webinars are.




Most webinars give you a few lightbulb moments and, if you are on a budget, they can be a great way to learn new ideas or techniques without having to splash out on an expensive training package.

This way you can see the difficulty level of a subject, gauge where your current understanding/expertise lies and decide if it’s an area you want to delve deeper into.

Of course 99% of these webinars offer a product at the end, which you can choose to accept or not, but that doesn’t negate my original idea that you can learn a lot about what other marketers are into, the platforms they are using and some of the techniques they employ and all for free (as long as you keep your credit card in your pocket!).


Webinar Benefits

One of the other things I learned was the power of running your own webinars. Scary I know, but they convert like crazy compared to normal traffic methods.

What better way to get people in front of your offer after you have demonstrated your expertise, hopefully bonded with them and explained why they would regret not buying your product if they missed the deadline you had set.

If you target the webinar correctly, you should already have people on it who have either purchased from you before or are interested in the topic your webinar and product is based around, possibly even both.




I have included links to some sample recorded webinars below. The first of which actually shows the benefits of running your own webinars and how to go about it.

If you are really interested, there is a sales pitch at the end to get further training.  I seem to remember it was under $100.


I Have No Product!

I know it sucks doesn’t it, having a product of your own gives you more authority when running a webinar, but there is no reason why you couldn’t promote an affiliate offer and add your own bonus to it.

It is amazing how sexy you can make some cobbled together PLR sound as a bonus, especially if it matches or complements the main offer.

Some traffic PLR would be an ideal bonus if you are running a webinar on squeeze pages for instance.

The downside of being an affiliate only is you probably need to have the product you are promoting first if you want to sound credible and pitch it correctly.

If you are feeling bold you could approach the vendor of the product and suggest some joint venture where you host and they run the webinar and you share the commissions.

This approach works better if you already have a relationship with the vendor.


Sounds Scary!

Hosting or running webinars are definitely a step outside of most peoples comfort zones.




Even though I knew the people I was presenting to the other day, I had never run a webinar before and I was using slides on the screen, to add to the complexity.

The benefit of course is that it is usually the scary things in this business that make you the most money because very few people do them!


Sample Webinars

Below are a few sample webinars to run through and get a feel for the sorts of things you can learn from attending and, in the case of the first one, running your own webinars.

Just click on the picture and it will take you to the webinar:


Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 18.10.53


Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 17.52.20


Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 17.58.22


Hopefully I have given you plenty food for thought.


Until next time  . . .


Terry Jenkins


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